HealthSaaS Connected Health products are FDA cleared as a Class I Medical Device Data System (MDDS). As an MDDS, products are designed and developed in accordance with a quality system compliant with ISO13485 standards so it aligns with the quality requirements of U.S. and international regulatory agencies in the healthcare industry.

HealthSaaS Connected Health products integrate data into the flow of clinical practices as an asset, while minimizing unproductive data entry work. HealthSaaS patent-pending products can connect disparate data from many sources including mHealth applications, cloud based services, Telehealth solutions and connected medical devices.  Our solutions remove silo barriers making data available to patients, caregivers, clinician practices, provider networks, researchers, payors and EHR systems.

This new paradigm of care promotes novel types of interactions between patients, health care professionals and payors with all working at different levels based on the sharing of information. Interoperable information systems are the best way to improve patient outcomes, minimize readmissions and lowers costs.

We offer white label versions of HealthSaaS Connected Health products so you can create your own branding experience for your customers.

HealthSaaS Systems Security

All HealthSaaS production servers are located in secure offsite hosting facilities. Regulatory compliance, service continuity, data protection and delivering a great online customer experience are critical and we have a dedicated team of certified engineers 24x7x365 who take accountability for managing all HealthSaaS services.  Because all data is maintained in a secure offsite ‘controlled’ environment, the chance of a breach is very low.

HealthSaaS Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring is done on a 24x7x365 basis by a team of certified system engineers. Should a server go down or become unresponsive, these engineers are ready and able to bring it back to life immediately.

  • Rapid Response to Service DisruptionsThe Service Team monitors your servers and key processes 24x7x365, and ensures rapid notification of any service disruption.
  • Customized Remediation
    In the event of any service disruption, the Service Team immediately swings into action and follows our predefined escalation procedures.
  • Monitors 15 services and processes every 5 minutes
  • Custom escalation procedures as designated
  • Reactive human response to reboot and restart failed services
  • Industry Best Practices Based Security

Our systems are protected from security threats based on industry best practices for system security and reviewed for ongoing consistency with the industry.

Ongoing Security Management

Beyond server hardening, our Service Team helps ensure security by providing security patch management and weekly vulnerability reports.

Security Expertise On-Demand

The Service Team is always on the ready to resolve issues discovered from our regular systems audits or any security related issues affecting our managed servers.

  • Initial server deployment security hardening / audit
  • Bandwidth protection – in the event of a security incident, all security related bandwidth issue are reviewed
  • Weekly operating system & control panel updates (patch management)
  • Monthly security audit and reporting
  • Unlimited troubleshooting for server security related incidents.

1-hour hardware replacement Service Level Agreement (SLA)

1-hour hardware replacement SLA provides us with peace of mind knowing that we will have our failed components exchanged within 1 hour.

Managed Backup

Certified System Admins monitor backups 24x7x365 ensuring consistent recoverable backups daily. Restore procedures or schedule modifications are possible any time of the day or night. Plug-ins are used for SQL, Exchange, etc to ensure accurate data imaging.

Server Monitoring and Reaction

Our team of monitoring engineers is constantly on standby watching for service notifications from our servers. If a critical fault is detected any time of day, they immediately jump into action to resolve the service issue. In the event the service issue lasts longer than anticipated our team will reach out to your designated contact(s) to provide updates and guidance on a correct course of action and ETA on a resolution.

  • First-call resolution – a certified engineer provides a single point of contact per incident
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support availability
  • A team that acts as a first line of defense against monitored alerts
  • Fully managed customizable daily backups of our hosted environment

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