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My gluco glucometer⇒Glucose meter MGH-BT1

Works in combination with a real-time online data collection network to upload and report patient blood glucose readings. Using the MyGlucoHealth glucometer patients can digitally transmit and evaluate their daily readings via their smart device or 2Net hub, while communicating those same results automatically to their physicians, caregivers and clinicians. This allows the “care team” to stay up-to-date on all users and intercede immediately if needed.

With rapid testing results available in 3 seconds, the smallest blood sample size (0.3μL) and automatic coding of test strips, the MyGlucoHealth glucometer is the most technologically-advanced diabetic patient care product on the market today.


A&D Medical

A&d PBT BloodP

⇒Blood Pressure UA-767 PBT

The professional blood pressure monitor (UA-767 series) and the personal scale (UC-321 series) are available with wired or with Bluetooth® wireless technology to give system integrators a seamless connection between these monitoring devices and an Access Point.


a&d scale⇒Precision Scale UC-321 PBT with Bluetooth Data Output

Provides highly accurate and precise measurements for telemedicine applications. These scales are one of the thinnest and lightest scales on the market. Measuring less than 1” thick, it is easy to step on and store. This sleek and stylish unit offers more precise readings and functionality compared to traditional scales.


  • Displays weight in either pounds or kilograms
  • Memory recall with time/date stamp on select models
  • Includes four attachable feet for carpet use
  • Three year warranty
  • Motion Tolerance Mode on select models


Fora Care

fora termo

⇒Termometer Ir20

FORA IR20 Ear thermometer, with probe cover detection and ejection features for accurate and germ-free temperature detection.


  • Fever Alert
  • Measurement Time: 1 Second
  • Memory Capacity of 10 measurements
  • Probe Cover Detection and Ejection
  • Battery Life:1,000 Times and More
  • Clinically Validated



qual hub

⇒Communication Hub Device: 2netHub

The 2net™ Platform* from Qualcomm Life is truly novel, offering a set of wireless health solutions that can elegantly and reliably capture and deliver medical device data to integrated portals or databases from nearly any customers’ or technology partners’ wireless medical device for storage in a system designed for security and interoperability.



omron scale

⇒Scale Body Composition HBF-206IT

The Omron Bluetooth Weight Scale accurately measures weight, body fat percentage, BMI, resting metabolism, and visceral fat. This monitor allows users to have a comprehensive view of their health level through several fitness indicators and provides an ability to easily transmit data to electronic health 



MIR spiro

⇒Spirometer Spirotel

The intelligent 3D Oximeter ® introduced by MIR correlates SpO2 measurement with the triaxial accelerometer by calculating physical activity and body position during the registration of desaturation events. The results can be transmitted via USB or Bluetooth.




⇒Pulse oximeter Onyx II 9560

As the world's first wireless finger pulse oximeter, the Onyx II Model 9560 with Bluetooth® wireless technology allows clinicians to remotely monitor the blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rates of patients with chronic diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) or Asthma.


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