HealthSaaS, Inc. Releasing Online Vertical Suite of Condition and Disease Specific Personal Health Records (PHR)

Clackamas, OR, May 07, 2010 --( HealthSaaS today announced they are releasing an online suite of condition and disease specific Personal Health Record (PHR) services. The first to be released is PainPHR

DiabetesPHR and SportsmedPHR will be available later this year. BreastcancerPHR and ProstatecancerPHR will be made available in 2011.

Alan Paget, CTO of states, “Each PHR will have its own unique attributes as every condition or disease has its own elements that need to be tracked and managed. Solutions for mobile devices, integration of medical hardware devices, white labeling for clinicians, services for research studies and clinical trials are also available as part of our vertical strategy. We work closely with clinicians and researchers to ensure that our suite of services assists in providing the best possible care for patients and can help improve effectiveness of treatment.”

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