HealthSaaS Launches DiabetesPHA and Windows Phone Glucose Tracker Plus on Microsoft HealthVault in the UK

Clackamas, OR, July 06, 2011 --( DiabetesPHA is a web based application built upon the HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Framework. This service is designed to track blood glucose, nutrition, blood pressure, medications, pain and more. Colorful graph reporting tools make it easy for patients, caregivers and healthcare providers to monitor lifestyle and treatment regimens. Treatment regimens can then be modified to improve efficacy and provide patients with a more consistent and improved quality of life.

HealthVault can be used to record, store, and act on health data that would otherwise reside in disparate systems.
Frank Ille, CEO of HealthSaaS states, “By connecting with Microsoft HealthVault in the UK, DiabetesPHA plays a key role in helping patients make their daily health data portable and available to
caregivers and clinicians.”

HealthSaaS also offers an optional Windows Phone Glucose Tracker which can send data to DiabetesPHA and Microsoft HealthVault. This mobile application offers the convenience of real-time
lucose entries thus providing patients and caregivers with accurate and up to date glucose history. Frank Ille, CEO of HealthSaaS states, “Glucose Tracker Plus connected to the HealthVault UK platform is just one way HealthSaaS is empowering patients to become more active participants in their healthcare. Connectivity to DiabetesPHA and HealthVault gives patients more control of their personal health data while also providing secure account file sharing with family members, caregivers and healthcare providers.”

“HealthVault is designed to give people the tools to help manage their personal health and wellness around the clock, both in and beyond traditional care settings, which is especially important for people living with chronic conditions like diabetes,” said Alexander Britz, general manager, Microsoft Health Solutions Group “With DiabetesPHA and Glucose Tracker Plus for Windows Phone 7, HealthSaaS is making it even easier for people to incorporate chronic care management into their daily lives.”

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