HealthSaaS Releases Glucose Tracker Plus for iPhone and iPad with connectivity to DiabetesPHA and Microsoft HealthVault

PORTLAND, Ore. , June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- HealthSaaS today announced the release of Glucose Tracker Plus for the iPhone and iPad.

Glucose Tracker Plus is an easy to use mobile tool that simplifies glucose data logging and tracking. The software allows users to enter blood glucose levels along with useful context such as before or after meals and date and time. All entries are saved in a historical list view on the phone.

Glucose Tracker Plus users can also send their logged glucose data to DiabetesPHA™ and to their Microsoft HealthVault record for storing, sharing with caregivers or using with other health applications as desired.

DiabetesPHA by HealthSaaS is a web based application that connects to HealthVault and enables patients to record a variety of detailed medical information including blood glucose, blood pressure, weight, pain, medications and much more. Colorful graph reporting tools make it easy for patients and their healthcare providers to monitor lifestyle and treatment regimens.

Frank Ille of HealthSaaS states, "Glucose Tracker Plus for the iPhone allows us to expand our diabetes solutions as we continue to grow our comprehensive disease management offerings. This further illustrates our commitment to developing innovative solutions that help improve decision making for people with diabetes,"Connectivity to HealthVault and HealthSaaS powered services like DiabetesPHA gives patients more control of their personal health data while also providing secure account file sharing with family members, caregivers and healthcare providers"

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