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  • Provider Networks

    HealthSaaS helps Provider Networks design and deploy solutions that connect with healthcare professionals in their organizations. Our integrated health information solutions assist in providing performance-driven accountability and affordable care. HealthSaaS is dedicated to supporting healthcare institutions and related organizations in achieving their clinical and financial goals through effective technology and business solutions.

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  • Research Organizations

    Technology provides the opportunity to collect and share information that underlies research to increase efficiencies and lower costs. This further enables opportunities for global collaboration, but also presents new challenges in evaluating research, such as the issue of “clean data.” There is a need to be able to filter, validate, and analyze this work, while integrating the input and direct evaluation of the scientific expert community.

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  • Home Health

    HealthSaaS can help home health agencies improve efficiencies in this new environment of Healthcare Reform. HealthSaaS Platform solutions allow home health nurses and patients to stay closely connected by combining clinical software for effective chronic care management with in-home patient monitoring devices. This way, nurses can monitor patients in the home and prioritize them for intervention to reduce readmissions.

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  • Payors

    HealthSaaS offers results-driven solutions to help manage costs while providing the ability to follow the industry shift from acute-attack to prevention-based patient care.

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