HealthSaaS offers results-driven solutions to help manage costs while providing the ability to follow the industry shift from acute-attack to prevention-based patient care.

Uncertainty surrounding reimbursement and coverage models plagues payors (including both public and private entities). Furthermore, sustained growth is under pressure from population level trends, including elder care, health disparity, and chronic disease. Payors require the ability to limit fraud and mismanagement, leverage preventive care models, enable population level awareness and outreach, and implement disease management initiatives.

The integration of population-based operational and analytical information warehouses will foster better surveillance, epidemiology studies, and comparative effectiveness research, leading to iterative improvement of public health. Applying the use of secure data warehouses will allow for a reduction in fraud and greater integration between caregivers. By utilizing this approach, payors can effectively move towards a preventive model of care and allow for billions in savings annually from reduced fraud and redundancies. Taking these steps will allow for greater integration and improve outcomes for patients. By reducing acute episodes and shifting towards prevention, payors will realize consistent growth in revenues.

Through the integration of information, payors will be able to take more active steps towards preventing disease in patients, especially those with chronic conditions. This will result in fewer costs associated with acute episodes and through prevention in both initial and secondary care. Payors also require integration with health professionals, patients, healthcare systems, and research organizations that will enable more robust business models.



HealthSaaS technologies were a key differentiator in receiving the grant award from IASP. This project is exciting because we are using the latest technologies to facilitate "borderless" case consultation with real time access to actual patient data. The best part is that patients, care providers and researchers can use the HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Platform to access a patient’s information anywhere there is a connection to the internet.

Dr. Beth Darnall, OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University)

Utilizing the connectivity, tools and graphical reports offered by the HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Platform can assist health care providers in managing patients more effectively. We are confident that patients will gain significant benefit from an interactive site which allows them to securely share results with their health care providers.

Dr. Gordon Irving, Medical Director / Swedish Pain and Headache Center

The HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Platform will enable iMPak Health to not only provide consumer centric devices, but to offer solution based information to the clinicians in an actionable manner. The ability to provide a low cost, end-to-end solution will ultimately create the most value for providers and patients.

Sandra Elliott, Director, Consumer Technology and Service Development