Provider Networks

HealthSaaS is dedicated to supporting healthcare provider networks, clinicians, payers and related organizations in achieving their clinical and financial goals through integrated Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions. We employ innovative methodologies that are focused on measurable results including; decreased hospitalizations, reducing readmissions and lowering costs. Our unique differentiators combine our knowledge of the healthcare market, diverse experience in information systems, disease specific programs, device prescribing/fulfillment and custom mobile solutions.

HealthSaaS technologies help provider networks and clinicians:

·         Bring data into the flow of the clinical practice as an asset

·         Minimize unproductive and redundant data entry work

·         Meet meaningful use requirements and achieve new performance improvement measures

·         Exchange data between disparate systems into a single patient record

·         Enhance clinical efficiencies by connecting patient data to improve workflow

Our RPM solutions are available for patients with CHF, COPD, Diabetes, Hypertension and Chronic Pain. HealthSaaS RPM technology is a cost-efficient way to monitor patient compliance with care plans, initiate interventions in a timely manner, impact outcomes and improve your patients' quality of life.

HealthSaaS Platform solutions include but are not limited to:

·         White label portals

·         Home based patient device data collection

·         Clinician/patient dashboards

·         Patient and caregiver notifications including text messaging and IVR

·         Built in content management system

·         Customizable questionnaire/survey tools


·         Remotely manage chronic disease patients, replacing home visits with timely information

·         Empowering patients to take control of their disease and be compliant to their medication regimens

·         Enhancing interdisciplinary team collaboration

·         Reduce avoidable readmissions

·         Improve care coordination

·         Improve patient and physician satisfaction

·         Encourage long-term sustainable health changes

Available Services

HealthSaaS offers a full range of established technology and consulting services that help make your remote patient concepts a reality. These solutions can be tightly integrated with our care delivery solutions to offer a comprehensive patient engagement solution, or be packaged independently to focus solely on taking clomid.

The HealthSaaS Platform includes a breadth of available services and functionality to build secure, scalable and useful remote patient monitoring solutions. This functionality includes:

Numerous non-intrusive sensors that can collect detailed physiological data anytime, anywhere, such as:

·         ECG

·         Respiration rate

·         Activity level

·         Blood pressure

·         Weight

·         Blood glucose

·         Blood oxygen saturation

HealthSaaS technologies were a key differentiator in receiving the grant award from IASP. This project is exciting because we are using the latest technologies to facilitate "borderless" case consultation with real time access to actual patient data. The best part is that patients, care providers and researchers can use the HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Platform to access a patient’s information anywhere there is a connection to the internet.

Dr. Beth Darnall, OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University)

Utilizing the connectivity, tools and graphical reports offered by the HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Platform can assist health care providers in managing patients more effectively. We are confident that patients will gain significant benefit from an interactive site which allows them to securely share results with their health care providers.

Dr. Gordon Irving, Medical Director / Swedish Pain and Headache Center

The HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Platform will enable iMPak Health to not only provide consumer centric devices, but to offer solution based information to the clinicians in an actionable manner. The ability to provide a low cost, end-to-end solution will ultimately create the most value for providers and patients.

Sandra Elliott, Director, Consumer Technology and Service Development