HealthSaaS opens UK office, joins Intellect UK and supports the 3 Million Lives campaign

HealthSaaS has opened an office in the UK and has joined the Intellect Public Sector Healthcare Programme. Intellect represents the information technology industry to collectively work with policy makers, decision makers and practitioners to facilitate the delivery of improved health and high quality care for all enabled by information and technology.

Intellect UK is committed to supporting the 3millionlives campaign and is investing resources on behalf its members to ensure industry views are represented as we drive forward the development of telehealth and telecare throughout the UK.
The 3 Million Lives campaign aims to accelerate the use of telehealth, mobile and telecare technologies to improve the lives of 3 million people over the next five years, putting the UK at the forefront of global healthcare.

Anthony Harvey, HealthSaaS VP of European Operations, states “HealthSaaS UK is proud to become a member of Intellect and support the 3 Million Lives campaign. I look forward to demonstrating our commitment to this campaign and believe HealthSaaS can make a significant contribution to the Department of Health and the NHS in helping individuals improve their health and quality of life”.

About HealthSaaS
The HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Platform provides cloud based services for healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics and researchers. These services include remote patient monitoring for individuals with conditions such as COPD, hypertension, diabetes and chronic pain.

HealthSaaS patent pending technology includes integrated biometric medical devices, mobile applications, disease specific questionnaires and graphical reporting tools. The platform can share data with White Labeled Provider Portals, Telehealth services and EHR systems. Shared data enables healthcare professionals to make better informed decisions that can facilitate early intervention, reduce emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and readmissions.

From chronic disease management to health and wellness programs our vision allows us to create solutions that enhance health care provider efficiencies, track outcomes and improve the quality of life for patients throughout the continuum of care.

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