In recent years, the expansion of mobile health (mHealth) technologies, including health text messaging, mobile phone apps, remote monitoring and portable sensors, have changed the way healthcare is being delivered in the U.S. and globally.

In the face of the enormous challenges of managing chronic diseases, delivery innovations appear to have the most impact when multiple parties interact seamlessly to provide the best possible patient care over an extended period of time. Such integrated models have the potential to reduce costs dramatically, while increasing patient satisfaction and clinical quality.

We believe that mHealth applications share many features of these successful approaches and could prompt widespread innovation in healthcare delivery.

Treatment compliance by reminding patients and prompting caregivers to intervene in cases of non-compliance is likely to create significant savings by lowering hospital admissions and readmissions.

The HealthSaaS Mobile Strategy team is composed of Domain Experts, Technologist and Architects. This team’s goal is to improve the overall efficiency through use of Mobility by analysis and redesign of business processes and leveraging Mobility to create new solutions for the gathering and managing of patient data.

Our mHealth needs Assessment is tailored to create a unique value proposition that will help you become more efficient. The needs assessment covers relevant aspects of your business in regard to Mobility, focused on:

  • The organizations mobile applications needs and direction
  • The current and emerging mobility technology landscape
  • People, process and technology needs for the emerging mobile environment
  • Integration architecture needs for developing solutions on multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Extending ITS policies and standards to mobile application development
  • trategy and roadmap for developing ITS’ capability and infrastructure to deliver mobile applications for patients, doctors and other caregivers
  • Middleware and integration architecture
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Content Management and Workflow
  • Overall Integration Scenario
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