Mr. Ille has a diverse background of innovative industry experience that spans twenty years including employment with Microsoft and Oracle. Expertise includes multi-partner solutions architecture, co-development, product integration, branding, Partner/Alliance management, marketing, joint sales campaigns, Go To Revenue (GTR) strategy, international account success, complex contract negotiation and onshore/offshore project management.

As a Global Account Manager at Oracle Frank was responsible for account success at Nike, Boeing, Starbucks, Tektronix and Lockheed Martin. Frank was also a Global Alliance Manager at Microsoft where he owned relationships with Citrix and Computer Associates resulting in over $50,000,000 per year in net new joint partner revenue.

Franks experience in technology, strategic alliances, health IT, and business are helping to define a new paradigm for managing personal health information. Many leading healthcare providers are adopting HealthSaaS technologies and Frank exemplifies a new breed of health IT leaders revolutionizing patient care. Frank will continue to be the leading visionary at HealthSaaS as we create new solutions designed to improve outcomes, efficiencies and lower costs for all.

Outside of the office: Oregon State Athletics, entrepreneurship and volunteering for the American Diabetes Association, Oregon Food Bank, and the VA Voluntary Service

Passionate about: Empowering patients to become active participants in their healthcare. Improving quality of life and lowering costs for patients with chronic conditions.