Connecting Health Solutions Across the Continuum of Care
The HealthSaaS Platform
  • Telehealth monitoring and Population Health engagement solutions
  • HIPAA secure and compliant data to the "point of care"
  • Device and Platform Agnostic

Remote monitoring for continuous patient care
  • Relevant and actionable data for clinicians
  • Enables rapid response and early intervention
  • Reduces admissions and readmissions

Empower patient engagement
  • Enhance personalized care plans
  • Monitor patient adherence
  • Improve outcomes

Home Health

HealthSaaS can help home health agencies improve efficiencies in this new environment of Healthcare Reform.


HealthSaaS helps provider networks achieve their financial goals by utilizing effective technology solutions.


HealthSaaS research study tools and services improve data quality which enables sponsors to be more confident in their results.


HealthSaaS offers results-driven solutions to help manage costs while helping Payors shift to pay for performance business models.
The shift from volume to value, from episode to continuity of care, from fixing to preventing, from institution to the home, and from the patient to the person/population…is profound and transformative.


HealthSaaS is an industry leader in driving all of these factors


At HealthSaaS, we have a genuine curiosity that inspires us to think differently. We exist to challenge the status quo and are driven by a sense of purpose to empower every segment of the healthcare industry.

HealthSaaS is a thought leader in healthcare interoperability solutions that enable meaningful exchange of patient-driven data. Our cloud‐based IoT services provide health IT companies, clinicians, hospitals, pharmacies and home health organizations with a secure, vendor‐neutral infrastructure that provides just in time data to facilitate early interventions and reduce readmissions for chronic condition patients.

The HealthSaaS Platform provides chronic disease management services for clinicians and their patients who suffer from conditions such as heart failure, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, asthma and COPD. In addition, HealthSaaS also offers award winning medication adherence solutions for all disease states.

HealthSaaS technologies:

  •  Work in the home, as well as long-term and post-acute care settings
  • Normalize and visualize patient driven data for hospitals and clinicians
  • Provide early intervention alerting tools so clinicians can reduce hospitalizations
  • Helps reduce readmissions and associated penalties as defined in the Affordable Care Act
  • Reduces the need to move patients to more intensive, higher-cost care settings


Sandra Elliott, Director, Consumer Technology and Service Development, Meridian Health said “The HealthSaaS IoT Platform enables Meridian Health to offer solution based information to the clinicians in an actionable manner,” “The ability to provide a low cost, end-to-end solution will ultimately create the most value for providers and patients.”


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