The HealthSaaS Platform
  • Provides patient monitoring and engagement services
  • HIPAA secure and compliant data to the "point of care"
  • Device and Platform Agnostic

Remote monitoring for continuous patient care
  • Relevant and actionable data for clinicians
  • Enables rapid response and early intervention
  • Reduces admissions and readmissions

Empower patient engagement
  • Enhance personalized care plans
  • Monitor patient adherence
  • Improve outcomes


HealthSaaS helps provider networks achieve their financial goals by utilizing effective technology solutions.


HealthSaaS research study tools and services improve data quality which enables sponsors to be more confident in their results.


HealthSaaS tools can help enhance caregiver efficiencies and improve patient outcomes.


HealthSaaS offers results-driven solutions to help manage costs while helping Payors shift to pay for performance business models.


HealthSaaS Cares

How can we help improve your healthcare business?

The HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Platform removes silo barriers to connect, aggregate and integrate disparate data from mHealth applications and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) devices.

Our services provide HIPAA secure data to the “point of care” wherever the clinician is located. Enabling clinicians to rapidly respond to clinically relevant patient health information can facilitate early interventions, reduce hospital admissions, improve outcomes and lower costs.

Our passion empowers us to create eHealth collaboration tools that enhance provider efficiencies, track outcomes and improve the quality of life for patients throughout the continuum of care.

Here are a few of our recent highlights: